Wednesday, 10 April 2013


The school of engineering will soon find out if it will be the proud academic abode of the next guild president of Makerere University in today’s Guild polls in what is seen by many as an opportunity for science and technology students to adventure and set sail on the political scene previously dominated by social and political scientists, lawyers and economists et el.
The fact that the school of engineering boasts of six contenders for the position of GRC where only two persons are required to represent the constituency in the August house is an indication that interest is greatly shifting to the previously shunned political leadership
Makerere University has positioned itself as one of the best universities in Africa in the recent past with the web-metrics survey indicating an upward improvement to the 8th best university in Africa, and if the recent hub of innovation is something to go by, It’s college of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology is only second to none in fostering innovation, invention and human resource enrichment, an ingredient that is greatly lacking in many of the graduands churned out from many Ugandan universities
Makerere Engineering Society has registered tremendous success in linking students to the outside world through exhaustive campaigns to widely market the students however the efficacy of some of these policies need to be re-thought 

These social interactive sessions organized in the conference hall were like a breath of fresh air on a hot afternoon, sections of all engineering students would assembly to engage in discussions and listen to keynote speakers while being entertained and refreshed at the same time, but the occurrence of these famous afternoons is as rare as seeing Professor Baryamureba on campus these days

Last term at the CEDAT open day complains arose out of the manner in which the then project coordinator financially supported student projects, in some instances a mean looking gentleman would walk over to your project site at the tent and ask an exhibitor how much the project cost and would then proceeded to hand them any amount prescribed at their discretion.

Many student projects vanish in thin air moments after exhibition, this calls for a forum that will serve as a platform for showcasing the numerous skills and techniques transformed from theoretical knowledge obtained in class, therefore an engineering journal or magazine would come in handy and this would be a positive step towards marketing the engineering brand of Makerere university
The plight of an engineering student who subscribes to the society is highlighted in our non ceasing desire to see the best service directed towards the students cause and whoever is interested in any leadership in the society whether it being at the helm or in the lower echelons should be able to harmonize their position with the needs and expectations of the student they serve
Furthermore the leadership should be made more and easily accessible as well as accountable to encourage dialogue and interaction or else we will always roar with one voice ‘we will take back our MES’

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