Monday, 28 June 2010


Only the blowing of the wind disturbed the silence,i was seated down in a leather brown comfort seat wondering "what might become of me tonight?",i objectively thought today was a new day to try out something new perhaps,i harbored two thoughts in my head at first i imagined 'i would go down the road and meet Desmond my long time friend i had bumped into in face book,now that he told me he was a stone throw away from me,the second idea seemed more than the usual routine i would rather attend a world cup match between Brazil and Chile(not the pepper stuff)
i was weighing down on the significance of either of the two until an something unusual popped up  in my head,my brain split open and my mental faculties raced down memory lane,i remembered pretty well Chaplain Kim's sermon of some days ago.he was with a good sense of humor and whose strength of character was more than  average and he was remarkably good at pulling off a few gigs.he was standing on the podium in front of the christian congregation,mid way between his preaching he started out,digging deep into a story of strong divine relevance
'one day a pig and mother chicken decided to walk down the streets of a certain town,after a few minutes stroll through the town gates and the neighborhood they both realized how deplorable the entire town people were living,they noted with concern how miserable the lives of those young and old were in the old farm town.
with a strong conviction for gratitude,the chicken reasoned
"The town people have been so great to us"
"Grrrrr surely they have been,feeding and taking good care of us"
replied the pig
"How about organizing them a breakfast"
suggested the chicken
"That's a good idea"
retorted the pig
"An egg and a ham breakfast"
The chicken responded
After thoroughly exhausting the idea within himself, piggy called out
"My friend the egg for you is a donation but the ham for me is a total commitment"

Whereas a donation is a gift given to benefit a cause,in today's world it may take various forms, including cash,services,toys and other gifts in kind.
although the scripture says a lot about giving
"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." John 3:16 
When it comes to giving ourselves to the Lord let it be whole hearted.
On the contrary commitment can be related into interaction dominated by obligations and these obligations may be mutual, or self-imposed, or explicitly stated, or commitment refers to the strength of the relationship between us human beings  and Jesus Christ,indeed he has made a commitment to us,
"God demonstrates his own love for us in this while we are still sinners,Christ died for for us." Romans 5:8,NIV
We can learn to begin trusting the lord through commitment.
 "Commit everything you do to God - trust Him to help you do it and He will."Psalm 37:5,TLB
It's necessary that when we commit ourselves to God we should show character.
"But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my
household, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15, NIV.
So by now you should have known for sure what to choose when confronted with a difficult option of donation or total commitment.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


"The bible is a book about hope,forgiveness,redemption and restoration,it has rightly been proclaimed the greatest book ever written" reads out a line out of a page in one of the many US military Bibles i had come across dubbed
For centuries because of the bible scores of people have found life more meaningful while others have turned to it to find answers to life's countless questions.
Unlike the Hollywood manufactured star studded movies of this age whose exhilarating themes need no introduction,the bible begins by telling a  story of how God created the earth and all it's wonders and placed man in their tutelage.
Little known though that the book many helpless,destitute,hopeless and oppressed cling to for a new wave of hope for a seemingly better tomorrow is the fact that the bible was hand written.
The bible which is a collection of 72 books,46 in Old Testament and 27 in New Testament didn't just drop down from heaven one day,nor did it appear suddenly on earth delivered by an angel of God
the Bible was written by people just like you(who is certainly reading from this Blog) and I,with some form of primitive ink and pens probably feathers soaked in dye.
 Those that wrote this book where ordinary people with strength and weakness,
faults,failings,flaws,defects,talents and abilities,virtues and vices and were divinely inspired in a way that has left the world in wonderful amazement.
The bible or biblia in Greek which means the books or library wasn't written  all at once,it is said that about 1500 years  separate the times and moments between the writing of the book of Genesis and the book of Revelation
As a matter of fact just after the death of Moses there existed only five books called the 'Pentateuch' or the first five books(Genesis,Exodus,Leviticus,Numbers and Deuteronomy) and these are by far considered the embryo of the bible.
The bible was originally not written in English,the prominent original language of the Old Testament  being Hebrews and the New Testament Greek
The bible as we have it now was not printed in any language at all until almost 1500years after the birth of Jesus Christ and it's a known fact that after the first fifteen years of Christianity the scriptures were read from a manuscript that probably a catholic monk or friar had laboriously copied unto rolls of parchment or vellum.
 The origin of the Bible is God. It is a historical book that is backed by archeology, and a prophetic book that has lived up to all of its claims thus far. The Bible is God's letter to humanity collected into 72 books written by 40 divinely inspired writers over a period of over 1,500 years. The claim of divine inspiration may seem dramatic (or unrealistic to some), but a careful and honest study of the biblical scriptures will show them to be true,God be with you all you blessed

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


On June 18 at exactly 8:47 p.m,I made an Argentine national team "La Seleccion" customized jersey with the name CANDIA  inscribed at the back and the number 77 written boldly behind,on my facebook wall thanks to a 2010 world cup jersey facebook ad ,and before i knew it at exactly 9 hours and 5 minutes it had generated a comment from one Adia Lawrence
"That jersey no. stands for H H, meaning Hail Hitler, its racist- H is the seventh alphabet. Are u racist?"
This comment interested me so much that i felt leaving the subject of the number 77 un an mentioned about was inappropriate
According to the Wikipedia free encyclopedia the number 77 (seventy-seven) is the natural number following 76 and preceding 78,and that 9x8+5=77,8x9+10-5=77,8x7+10-6x2-60+9+8=77 quite an-interesting mathematics.
The number is a  representation of things in this world,scientifically,mathematically religiously,politically and even in sports
In certain numerological systems based on the English alphabet, the number 77 is associated with Jesus Christ. CHRIST is C=3, H=8, R=18, I=9, S=19, T=20, which added together equal 77. The letters of JESUS equal 74 (number) when added together: J=10, E=5, S=19, U=21, S=19. Thus, JESUS CHRIST 
For those of you who are old enough,During World War II in Sweden at the border with Norway, "77" was used as a Shibboleth (password), because the tricky pronunciation in Swedish made it easy to instantly discern whether the speaker was native Swedish, Norwegian, or German.
In the bible, certainly the best book ever, 77 is the number of times it is necessary to forgive offenses (Mt 18,22)and the generations of Adam to the Christ according to the evangelist of Luke are 77. (Lk 3,23-38)
The iridium, Ir, atomic number 77, is a white metal which the name is a derivative of the Greek word "iris" meaning" rainbow". It is under the sign of the rainbow that God concludes his Alliance between him and the humanity, and the Christian remains in this Alliance if he forgives 77 times the faults of his brothers (Mt 18,22).
The twelfth perfect number, number of which the sum of its dividers gives the same number, contains 77 numbers. Let us mention that the first five perfect numbers are 6, 28, 496, 8128 and 33550336. At the present time we know 24 perfect numbers, the last one being 2^19936 x (2^19937-1). That last number has 12003 numbers. All the known perfect numbers are even and we don't know if there is an odd perfect number.It is believed that,if a such number existed, it would be higher than 1036.
It was no coincidence that of all numbers i chose 77 simply because it works out for me and soon or later when i begin laying soccer for the national team The Cranes, i will probably pick this number 77.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


How many words does it takes to fall in love or to love somebody,for many of us,it all depends on which words to to tell to the girl listening merrily to what you are telling her(women definitely love to listen to what can make them happy) "I love you","you are pretty","you are the most beautiful lady on earth","I will love you till the sun shines no more or even until lake Victoria dries"-we told this blatant lie while still schooling at St Joseph's college Ombaci.
There's one thing for sure,words have the power to determine our love life,our marriage life,our relationship status and our destiny.
One day i thought if i were a lawyer(they can argumentatively confuse people and they are good with words), i would know surely how to convince a pretty woman without mincing my words,i recited how i would go about it if i had met the woman of my dreams(my perfect formula)
"hello sweetheart here's my heart,i give it to you" and all of a sudden i realized this could be the umpteenth time this was said to her and more so the third time in a week i was certainly going to give my heart to a woman,so i thought carefully,using the last of the conventional wisdom that was left within me,i resolved to twist the phrase around and so i decided i will think like a lawyer and drop the bombshell like the attorneys do,i thought for a while and idea jumped up to the fore of my brains,words flowed from my mouth like a round projecting off the muzzle of a soldiers riffle.
"I hereby give and convey to you all and singular my estate and interests,rights,claims,title claim and advantage of and in said heart together with all it's blood,aorta,ventricles,veins and arteries and all rights,advantages,emotions,feelings and memories with full power to hurt,elate,pride and otherwise love the same or give the same away without the blood,aorta,ventricles,veins and arteries,anything here-in-before or here-in-after or in any deed or deeds and instrument of whatever nature.
with this magic piece i do hope i will be of great appeal to the ladies,WATCH THIS SPACE

Sunday, 6 June 2010


The year is 2009,uhm!!!....not really it is January this year actually and i am seated in front of a 17 inch brightly colored CRT monitor completely consumed in it's flattering hue,a dark highly disguised latest fashion American made system unit towering over the top of the desk with a mouse sightly larger than an African long mouthed garden Rat,a keyboard that compares to my primary school teachers typewriter all USB-ed.

I stare aimlessly at the screen,place my entire palms on the  mouse,i cover it with the inner sole of my fingers,i recollect my poise,gather my efforts as i ponder my next move,i wonder to myself,my heart pounds in my chest,my tongue clasps at the roof  of  my mouth,a cold shiver slaps me across the face,anxiety overwhelms me like never before and my gut instincts take to a sudden flight i ceaselessly pose questions to myself, i put my conscious to a test repeatedly,i mobilize  my sinews in a soldierly gaiety,i equip my oblongotta with positive illusions,with a parishioner's zeal my soul takes one big leap and alas!!i am creating a profile on face book for the first time,i pause for a second and wonder what really was at the back of Mark Zukerberg mind(this computer engineering student invented face book) when he churned out this social networking site,it's so addictive that i am actually considering slicing off a few of my work hours to have a little more time probably chatting on face book,adding exciting-all-for-nothing applications on my profile,commenting on my friends walls and photos and above all take turns in between these tasks to admire the good works Mark did.

Many may rush to give Bill Gates a pat on the back for his Microsoft & nerds innovations(do i even know what nerds is anyway),thousand may be beaming with gladness at the marvels of GOGGLES search engine but to me i vehemently disagree,i rather face book is the greatest D-invention and that it's a D-class apart,worth of mention.

One of the grandest inventions this planet has ever witnessed is no doubt the Law of gravity(is it an invention),for others it's the pen(wait a  minute the guys of old times wrote on scrolls with feathers,the oldest cousin of the pens.didn't they?),while some think it's an aircraft but for me face book strikes the chord,none of all these fore mentioned marvels comes close to Zukerberg's work of art,his masterpiece supremo,D- invention classic
So brace your self for some facebooking.